• BC Rockies

    Bronze medal finish at the 2012 Canada Deaf Games in Edmonton Alberta.

  • BC Rockies VS CFOX

    BC Rockies played a charity game against the CFOX hockey team to raise money for the BC Children's Hospital Oncology Unit.

Who Are We?

We are a hockey program that specializes in the development of deaf and hard of hearing hockey players in British Columbia. We train and develop youth and adult hockey players of both sexes and of all skill levels. We are members of the British Columbia Deaf Sports Federation (BCDSF).

If you have any questions, let us know.

Support The Program

The BC Rockies are supported through grants provided to the BC Deaf Sports Federation and other monetary support from sponsors and donations. This program is costly as we try and book practices and charity games for our players. Any form of support is always helpful!

Join The Program

Are you a deaf or hard of hearing person who is a hockey player or wishes to have the opportunity to play hockey? Contact us and we can help get you out to our ice times and participating with the team.

Watch the team

We play exhibition and charity games within BC to raise exposure for the program and to prepare our players for the annual Canadian Deaf Championships. Follow us and see where we are playing next.